WR Pickups? and start sit advice

Picked up Curtis Samuel and dropped Swift and then noticed Kenny G and Mike Evans is on the wire. Current roster below. I am 2-7 and can’t lose again to get in playoffs.

Should I pick up either? Who to start?

I don’t think I’d pick up either of them. Looking at your roster, I don’t see how I’d start any of them over Thomas, Woods, Lockett or Fulgham. Evans is so volatile and so inconsistent to make me what to roster him. Golladay can’t stay healthy for me you put him on my roster. Detroit is trying to go more run game dependent and Golladay isn’t as productive in that game script. I’d stay put.

If I had to take a swing at one of them, it would be Evans. His schedule after their Week 13 bye, if you’re in the playoffs, is juicy. He gets Atlanta twice and Minnesota in there and he could have better value over Samuels if the Bucs have any injuries to Godwin and/or AB.