WR Play-off help - opponent up big


Congrats to all who made play-offs! Thursday night helped my opponent a lot. He is up 45 points from two players (zeke and Robinson). I’m going to need guys with some upside.

QB - Wilson
RB - Barkley, Gordon, Jamaal Williams, Mostert, Mattison
WR - Woods, Parker, Lockett, R. Anderson
TE - Hooper, Griffin
DEF - Jets, 49ers

I’m leaning Barkley and Gordon for RBs. Jamaal Williams has a plus match-up and has been decent for fantasy.

WRs I am thinking Woods and Parker. I’m very worried about Lockett. Robby Anderson has a plus match-up and has been getting targets.

TE I feel like I have to start Hooper.

DST do I start jets over SF?

Anything will help. Thanks

Please help

I think you have it set as I would. Jets over SF and Hooper is a must if he plays. But Griffin still will have solid value if you don’t want the risk

Agree with the above. Hooper for me too as he was no 1 TE before he got injured. Good matchup too

So line-up for 2 RBs, 2 WR, TE, FLEX

RB - Barkley and Gordon
WR - Parker and Woods
TE - Hooper
FLEX - Lockett?

highest upside at Flex would be Robby Anderson. Lockett’s injury has held him back and now hes going against Ramsey. Not my favorite look, so Robby’s recent form looks much more attractive especially against Miami.