WR preferences.. please help!

Standard scoring which combination of these players would you fill 3 depth roster spots with

Sterling Shepard
Corey Davis
Darren Mcfadden
Danny Amendola

kearse - he has been a very consistent part of the jets offense. josh mccown loves throwing his way even when asj is on the field.

corey davis - did some awesome things week one. target counts will be there because the other receivers are definitely not helping mariota.

mcfadden - really a gamble here with high upside.

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Thanks for the reply. Right there with you on Kearse and Davis. Where I’m very iffy is Mcfadden vs Sterling… my RB core is McCoy, McKinnon, Legarette, Marshawn and I’m 5-2. I genuinely can’t decide what is more valuable between the gamble on McFadden taking over for 6 weeks and it making sense to play him, or the guaranteed volume that Sterling Shep should have once he returns next week.

WR’s are Emmanuel Sanders, Brandin Cooks, Jeremy Maclin, then I already have Kearse and Davis rostered

absolutely Davis… I’d go with Shepard - I think he will be the #1 garbage time WR in second half of season

Kearse isn’t a bad move either tho ^

sounds like you need help with sanders out so i would go ahead and pick up sterling. he’s still the only legit wr they have so i would take a chance at 5-2. but if you have maybe a two or 3 game lead in your division then stash mcfadden or morris, really a toss up.

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