WR problems, drop Adams, add?

Since losing OBJ my WRs have been disappointments. I only have confidence in Keenan Allen but the others are Alshon jeffery, Kelvin Benjamin and Davante Adams. Am I safe to drop Adams (on bye, GB assets have lost value since Rodgers injury) and use the roster space on one of the high-upside rookies like Corey Davis, Kenny Golladay, Mike WIlliams, Josh Docton? Any advice on improving here would be much appreciated!

All anyone can do now is speculate. I have Adams as well. If I had to speculate I would guess Adams might have a good game going forward and get lucky with Hutley but the odds are looooow.

Is he going to be the same? Absolutely not.

Givin what options you have to replace him. I would. If you are in a 12 team league and its thin well… Sit him on your bench and see if Huntley comes into a hot streak . Im in a 10 team league with only 2 bench spots. I can’t afford to wait and see. dropsville

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Thanks for the response. My other WRs have plus matchups (Allen vs NE, Kelvin vs TB, Flex Jeffery vs SF) so hoping they rebound, and also hoping that gives the extra wek to get help. Also seems that this is the biggest WR waiver week, and the top adds (Davis, Golladay, Doctson) will all be taken this Tuesday.

Do you agree with me that Davis is the best prospect? if yes, would you use a waiver claim (I’m #5 right now) to grab him?

IMO I guess if you wanted to go with one of those guys I would go with Doctson .

the other guys … your guess is as good as mine. Most all are hurt and we have not seen Davis play since week 2. Suppose to “maybe” play again week 9