Wr problems!

I need to activate Baldwin but need to drop a WR. I have Boyd and Lockett on my bench. Who should I drop??? I’m so torn!!! Please help!!!

I’m keeping Boyd!

I’d vote Lockett. I think that dude is consistently underrated every year. He’s the current #1 for Russell Wilson and should see inflated numbers until Baldwin returns. Lockett is safer.

Thats a tough one lockett is on fire but only until baldwin gets back. I think boyd is going to be a star real soon

I also have a chance to pick up Sony… Doing that and moving Baldwin in would mean I have to drop Cobb, Boyd or Lockett…2 of those 3 would have to go…

He probably won’t ever start on my team…

I think I’d keep Boyd. Assuming Baldwin returns soon, Lockett just historically doesn’t seem to produce when playing across from Baldwin.

Would you drop Jamaal Williams for Sony? I’m thinking I will keep Boyd too.

Drop Lockett, Keep Boyd…You generally don’t want two WRs from same team on your roster unless it is JUJU/AB or Julio/Ridley…

And yes, if you can get Sony Michel absolutely do that ASAP and drop Jamaal Williams