WR Puzzle!

Starting at 1-0 thanks to my WRs and want to make sure I pick right again (went Ceedee, Lockett and AB last time), Half PPR. CHOOSE 3

Antonio Brown
Mike Williams

I’m thinking CD and Lockett are must starts and Higgins can benched.

CeeDee, Lockett and Williams.


Agree with your must starts. Surprised Ballers have Higgins so high (must be because of how Stafford burned them last week). I would personally go AB for floor and Mike Williams for ceiling.

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Thanks man.
Followup, wouldn’t it be Williams for floor and AB for celing?

Seemed like AB had consistent targets in a more stable offense. I guess not though since they now have more mouths to feed including Gronk.

Yeah, fortunately I ended up going with Mike Williams, won the matchup and the week!
2-0 clan!

Æ™, I.O.U.!

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