WR/QB Adds/Drops

Current roster make-up:

QB: Cousins, Luck
RB: Hunt, D Murray, Gurley, Martin, Montgomery, Mixon
WR: A Brown, Baldwin, Crabtree, Fitzgerald
TE: Gronk, Graham

I’m currently 6-1, so I care more about adding depth and prepping for ROS at this point. I’m dropping Luck since he’s not slated to return until late in the year, and I’m considering dropping Fitz since Drew Stanton is trash and they have a tough schedule leading up to the playoffs. Which of these WRs sound best for rest of season:

Alshon, Jordan Matthews, Josh Doctson, or Corey Davis?

I’d go

And DON’T drop fitz… Atleast try and trade him for something…

I’m unsure of Davis first. Yes he was a stud in college but he’s a rookie and hasn’t played at all this year.

Personally I rank this:
Alshon (still plenty of targets and wentz is playing very well)
Doctson (hard to tell volume with so many mouths to feed in WAS)
Matthews (could end up getting more valuable, but offense doesn’t seem to target WR often)
Davis (total unknown to me, may be worth risk over Doctson, Matthews)

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