WR question about tonight’s game-need advice quick!

McLaurin plays in less than an hour.

My WRs:
A. Robinson II- just traded for him, trade hasn’t gone through but has been accepted. He rolls into my lineup Friday night.

Would you start McLaurin tonight? If so who would you sit? Robinson or Golladay?

Eleven views and no advice…thought this was a FFB group that liked to talk about FFB?

Went with McLaurin, the drama of this game was too much to resist. May be a bad choice but it should be interesting.

Keenum out, Haskins in bye bye McLaurin…

Shoulda sat Robinson in theory. Casey heyward

I’m playing mclaurin too. Not stoked with Haskins in

I’m playing McLaurin as well. I’m usually quick to drop a player that just isn’t able to produce, whether it’s his fault or not, but McLaurin is just such a BEAST. I may have to drop him though if Haskins can’t figure things out…hopefully next year they get the QB situation figured out. Or else, hopefully they trade McLaurin to a team that can utilize his skills…THAT would be awesome!

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Oy vey Haskins :rage:

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Agree 100% Haskins is Junk. Terry is only scary when Keenum is the QB. I’d bet $100 that McLaurin doesn’t score another pt with Haskins in

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You called it :confused:

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