WR question for this weekend Brown/Golladay

I have Golladay and Hollywood. Currently I have Golladay in my lineup @GB but I keep wanting throw Hollywood in there because of the match up. I know Hollywood has been dissappointing so far and Golladay has had slight issues catching the ball (that seems to have passed though). Am I crazy for wanting to start brown? or should I keep Golladay where he is.

I would stay with Golladay, Hollywood does have a great match up but hes missed practices with an ankle injury and hes more or less a boom or bust play at the moment. If hollywood was full go and you know you need the points to win this week then i can get on board with that but golladay has a much higher floor and gets consistently 8 or more targets per game from Stafford.

No reason to bench Golladay, he’ll be fine vs GB