WR Ranking: R. Anderson, D. Parker, C Davis

Need to fill in my WR2 slot for this week. Win and im in the playoffs, looking good after thanksgiving.

  1. Robby Anderson vs. Carolina. Home matchup, Jets will need to throw against a good run defense. Anderson ona got streak.
  2. DeVante Parker at NE. Has the talent to break out, NE will get a big lead at some point. The king of garbage time could be playable this week.
  3. Corey Davis at IND. Breakout finally?

How would you rank these receivers??


Easy ranking for me. Weve been waiting for parker to break out all season. yes he was injured, yes QB changes. Neither one of those things has completely gone away. I think this is just who he is with his current QB options.

Davis is good. Mariota just isnt targeting him enough. That could be him unable to get seperation yet

I with the way injuries seem to be playing out now, I’d say Davis, Anderson, Parker.

IF Matthews is out, which seems likely I guess, Davis’s floor increases that much more.
We know Moore is starting, so Stills and Landry are probably better starts.
Anderson is still a big player and the rb committee doesn’t seem to be taking away his targets.

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Thanks for the info, didn’t know Rishard was injured. Usually ESPN puts updates when players would see a bump due to a teammate injury, surprised.

Davis is getting targets but fumbled his first touchdown away. He has been making highlight reel catches almost every week. Ill be throwing him in if Matthews is definitely out.

Thanks for commenting!

Rishard is now a game time decision, so just keep an eye out tomorrow morning.

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