WR/RB Stack Thoughts

Hey clan! First time poster. How detrimental is the WR/RB stack? I have Chubb as 11th rd keeper, and with 2 keepers per team (10 team) and picking from the 7 spot, my options for first two rounds are this:

Round 1: Odell, Mixon or Tyreek
Round 2: Evans, Theilen, Fournette or Keenan

I find myself picking OBJ since I view him higher and don’t trust Mixon in that offense. Is the stack of OBJ/Chubb bad enough to move away ObJ? OBJ is who I’m leaning in round 1 but just curious anyone’s thoughts, thanks!

I’m never dissuaded from drafting a player I like because I already own a teammate.

If I’m a coin flip, then I may choose to entertain other options, but I don’t see much validity in the idea that a stack is a bad thing when the offense is good (like we expect Cleveland to be).

On a high powered offense it can work out fine. I had Aaron Jones and Davante Adams last year and there were a couple games where they both balled out in the high 20s. It changes your risk and upside, it is less likely that they both have monster games, but in a high powered offense like Cleveland (still feels weird) they are both capable of top end performances each week.

Also, they don’t play Chicago or Jacksonville and their playoff schedule (getting way to ahead of myself)
Week 14: Home against the Bengals
Week 15: Away in Arizona
Week 16: Home against the Ravens

I would be happy to play them both in those weeks, and most weeks during the season.

That’s what I expect also. Thanks for all the input! Just needed validation that the possible limit of upside was worth it. Less volatile but caps TD chances per game. My RB2 is Aaron Jones so im also looking at “zeroRB” snagging James white as rb3. Mentioning it since Andrew mentioned Jones haha.

I typically avoid WR/RB stacks cause few teams can support that much production. Teams like Rams/Chiefs are the exception to that rule obviously but there are’t that many possible combinations given ADP ranges. But I also won’t draft a worse player just to avoid stacing WR/RB. But all else equal, if it’s close, I’m going with another option and i typically plan my draft strategy around it.

If I’m doing a stack, it typically involves QBs to get that double TD hit.

In your case, given I have OBJ and Hill in same tier, I’d going to go with Hill given you have chubb. But if it was like OBJ vs the next tier of WR, i’d be taking OBJ.

Don’t do this.

I like the article. I personally think White is going about 10-12 backs too early this year… if I could get him in the Peyton Barber range (say RB 40) in the 10-12th round… then fine.

But even as a Pats fan, I am NOT drafting White ahead of Coleman, Penny, Sanders, Henderson, or Latavius Murray. He just has such a volatile floor. Recency bias is real people, don’t let it ruin your draft.

The funny thing about recency bias is people are only bias to the RB7 finish. Not the week10-16 collapse that he put up. If you were relying on White in fantasy playoffs, you probably take an L.

And you listed many of the guys there but those guys are all going in that range and I’d take them all over White. Michel is getting drafted after white which blows my mind. In no world would I take White over Michel. And if I miss on Michel, I’ll wait to take harris in double digit rounds for free.

Yea, that’s why I listed those guys specifically; they have 3 down potential, White - despite his contributions - does not. And it looks like FantasyPro’s data is showing a bit of a shift… Michel is going one pick ahead of White in PPR formats LOL.

And any time you’re hitching your wagon to a pass catching specialist as anything other than a flex/bye week, you’re gonna have a bad time.