WR Renaissance?

I know last year was a down year for WR scoring in general but the start to this year, especially from a passing TD perspective, they seem to be off to a red hot start!

I’m in a standard league so the TDs really separate the WRs from a average or solid week to a great one if they don’t break triple digit yardage and i’m RB rich but WR poor. I want to trade for one but all the season long targets are at peak value right now and a lot of RBs are down or just having solid weeks. Are we thinking that this trend continues and WRs dominate this year in standard or will they surley revert to the mean at some stage and RBs will level out and start to produce more?

If they carry on like this i will have to think about a slight overpay for a WR1 for my team and may have to do it before the price gets too high.
Any general thoughts and takes?

If you’re gonna overpay (not suggesting you should but if you do, I always prefer to wait and see rather than overpay after previous years regrets) go big or stick with what you’ve got. Obj and brown have room to go higher after 2 ok weeks. I’d go hard after them rather than pay a premium for Hopkins Thomas, Julio, Allen or Adams or even theilen diggs.

Put feelers out for sure as you ca spin the narrative of the RBS need to improve and you’ve had the best with the wrs so you can trade.

Yeah i don’t like the idea of it and i may have to wait in all honesty I’ve got RB wise Gordon, Fournette, Cook, Mixon, Coleman and Kerryon so i could with parlaying some of the wealth to my WR core Baldwin, Gordon, Hogan, Davis, Allison, Mike Williams (not good!).

OBJ is interesting, the owner happens to have Barkely and Engram as well so a lot of Giants shares. He is RB weak but got lucky with Hydes TD this week on an average game but i can try and see if he’s interested. Any thoughts on who to put up?

I would broach the idea of Hogan plus a rb like coleman but not sure thats enough. Unless you really play the giants couldnt beat a poor dallas team card and see if he bites.
Unfortunately cook and mixons, fournettes values are low atm because of underperforming and injury but would be happy to give one of them straight up for obj. Gordon looks like he’s pushing elite 4/5 level so I would hold him.

Agreed i think i’ll try the same approach. As OBJ has HOU next week and we play each other in week 4 this might be the best chance to get him, i can see a big game for him vs the Texans and he’s not trading him of a big game to his next week opponent unless i give him probably too much in return.

Interested to see what happens to Josh Gordon today, if he really does get traded somewhere that will get the hype train out of control he could be one to shop as well so i don’t have the headache anymore. Or would he be a hold if he gets a good gig and isn’t hurt, will he really perform at a high level? I want to believe but he has so much risk i