WR’s Galore

So I took A LOT of WRs this draft with the way the values fell during our draft. 3 keeper league where you can keep players who were drafting after the 3rd round of the previous year. I kept Marvin Jones, Jarvis Landry, and Demaryius Thomas.

Other WRs I got are Antonio Brown (Had the 5th spot), Julian Edelman, DeVante Parker, josh Doctson, and John Ross.

Looking for potential trades to get a solid RB as my 2nd and 3rd round pick got me Guice and Penny and I took Lynch and Ware later on in the draft.

Which WRs should I trade out to try for a RB? 12 man league, .5PPR. 2 RB, 2 WR, 2 Flex

Thanks guys, I’ve been bad historically and this is my first year listening to the podcast. Any help is really appreciated

I would hold off on trades until the season starts unless you can get good value. Your RBs are the weak point but defintely not terrible. I think Lynch will return lower end RB 2 numbers and I think the rookies have lots of potential. Wait for week 1 or 2 and target RB who underperformed out of the gate and try to snag one for a WR on your team who got off to a hot start.

I wouldn’t mind moving Marvin Jones right now in keepers, as he is pretty TD dependent due to lack of true #1 WR targets, and his average YPC is unsustainable. I wouldn’t mind moving DT as well, but he isn’t sexy anymore and his name value has plummeted. I still think he is a solid WR2 for the next 3-5 years, but doubt his ceiling is that high anymore.

I would take some of your middling receivers getting a lot of hype like Parker/Ross/Doctson and try and get guys like Jamaal Williams/aaron jones, Rex Burkhead etc. Top flight RBs are too damn expensive and you’re WRs are so stacked that I think your RB situation honestly isn’t even that dire. You just need a little bit of depth.

I’d also just take ware and trade him for someone who actually has a better chance of seeing the field. As long as hunt is healthy, Ware will not be a playable option in fantasy. The narrative is way overblown and you should sell high on him before the season starts and people see ware for what he is, a back up.