WR’s on waiver

Here are some of the wide receivers that are not owned in my league. I have currently stacked most of my bench with guys like Ware, Brown, Gio, Bills D, and Lamar as insurance for throughout the playoffs (guaranteed to make it, currently number 1 seed).
The last spot on my bench is currently occupied by MVS. Are any of these guys on waivers a better own over MVS? Standard league. Thanks!

Drop MVS for Smith

I would go DJ Moore. His playoff matchups are juicy and if he can put another performance like sunday on, he will be the WR1 on that team going forward.

This is why i like DJ too. He has the talent and the opportunity to emerge as the #1 guy for a very good QB and he has a great schedule ahead. Can make a strong argument for each but DJ is the only poised to take the lead role within the respective offense.

I would say Moore or Miller. Moore gets the edge as he is starting to take over as the number 1 WR and his ROS matchups after this week are really good and the gamescript will be pass heavy in all.

Miller for largely the same reasons, though not the clear one and he is competing a bit more for targets he is becoming the redzone guy and he and Mitch are developing a clear trust/chemistry in those key situations. He’s also helped with Robinson drawing the best coverage away week to week.

Not really a right or wrong answer here, I’ve got Miller and i’m looking at dropping Reynolds for Moore in my standard league today.

I like Moore because he can take the 1 spot on that team and has good deep plus rac ability. Smith has 1 good game n has had bust games like that blowout a few weeks ago where he had 0. I like moore, then smith simply cuz u cant ignore the upside ,then Reynolds, then miller, then Godwin. You should keep mvs with Graham out for who knows how long.

With your argument. it should definitely be Moore then. Mitch has the shoulder injury and if it holds him out more than this week, Millers value goes down.

Yes that’s why Moore gets the edge for sure. I don’t think Mitch is out more than one week if any, even if he is sore shoulder could equal short area target passing game placing less stress on the joint and ligaments which would support Miller, Cohen as guys who can create after the catch and possibly Burton in that mix too.

Still i like Moore above, of course if Mitch is out for longer or for the remainder of the year then Miller would be a one week hold to see then likely drop.

I actually ended up picking up Moore before I even saw these responses, so I’m happy with my decision! I just traded for Cam yesterday so figured having Moore would be a nice stack if necessary. Thanks everyone!

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