WR situation

Right now my starting WR are Julio Jones and Juju Smith. I have Calvin Riddly on my bench. I can pick up M.Sanu, J.Brown and K. Golladay. Its standard. My concern has been Julio’s production and Ben on the road.

What is your question though? Historically, Julio destroys the Bucs and if big ben ditches his road/home split tendencies than juju should be a good play as well.

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Should I start any of those other options over the two I have.

start juju and julio


Golladay is on bye. John Brown plays the titans whose defense has been solid against wrs. And idk if i’d be comfortable wondering which falcons wr will be fantasy relevant although that game should have plenty of scoring. Me, personally, I’d go with your starters at the moment

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Good luck dude!

I was thinking of adding Golladay to my bench. And thanks

Not a bad idea, Golladay has been great. Hey can you offer me some advice on my thread?

Who else is on your bench? I’d personally rather have Golladay than Ridley.

you should lol kenny g has great numbers this season… I’d pick him up asap, at least to avoid letting my opponents get him

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My only Bench WR is Ridley