WR start 3

Full PPR


Right now I’ve got the first 3 lined up. Am I overreacting to Cousins’ last performance? I’m intrigued by Boyd’s 6 catches averaging like 18yds the last 2 games.

Is your league a PPR league?

Oh my bad, yes full PPR

I think id rather play diggs over sanders. Last week may have been an outlier and the Rams will be without peters and talib so i think the upside would be with diggs

So Adams, Diggs, Boyd

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My only worry there is Diggs’ usage and where that puts his floor. Need a couple big passes and/or the TD. I’ve missed out on Sanders points a couple times.

So last week diggs got 10 targets still, he and kirk were off a bit but he has had a double digit target count. If you take away that fluke 35 yard td from sanders, he would have produced poorly last week. Id rather have the higher power of the viking than the mediocrity of the broncos. Sanders might have that 10-12 pt floor but diggs has the higher ceiling to me

I really do think last week was an outlier… its unfortunate that they are playing so soon following it but i think they will boumce back

Appreciate the insight!

Diggs is already at 12 targets, did u go with him over sanders?

Adams/sanders/diggs easily.

Maaan, you can’t check back! Haha

I made the switch to Diggs for a few hours and felt good about it but then jumped back to Sanders last-minute after listening to the podcast late…they’ve got them ranked side by side this week, but they were all about Sanders. Hopefully he shows up.

The real bitch of it is I also had Rams Defense in so all those yards and TDs were killin me. Managed to dig out of negative numbers to get a whopping 2.

Dang, i would have tossed between boyd and sanders cuz gio and green are back and may eat into his target count. Good luck tho man, hope you fair well this week. :smiley:

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I went against thielen so i feel your pain, luckily the guy benched goff tho or that would have been terrible

Funny you say that…I was against Thielen too, and the guy had both Goff and Kupp on his bench!

Dood you got so lucky there, that would have ended your week on thursday lol… now that would have been a shot to the groin

AHH! M’groin! Saw this one on twitter and the guy with 0 said exactly that…already looking at week 5 haha

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Poor fella, id be crying in a corner all weekend. Prolly stay in bed til next thursday, eating my feelings away

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@drumlay…LOL…don’t feel too bad buddy. Dummy me sat Kupp TWO FLIPPING WEEKS IN A ROW!!! :roll_eyes: