WR Start, Flex, Bench

Out of the three who do you start, flex, and bench and why? Mike Gillislee, Doug Baldwin, and Davante Adams. My other RB’s at Kareem Hunt and Lev Bell so i need 1 WR and 1 Flex, thanks guys!

Adams and gill… I would want to see Seattle get some offense going before I play Baldwin over Adams. Cobb is hurt and Adams will get targets. Gill will have opportunity in the red zone… Burkhead is out so it’s between white and gillislee. Hope this helps.

Those are my thoughts exactly and it definitely helps hearing that so thank you, seriously! My mind was just playing tricks on me about not playing such a high draft pick in Baldwin. Also, who would you start at QB, Kirk Cousins vs. OAK at home Sunday night or Carson Wentz at home vs. NYG? And why? I also have Russell Wilson too, but I just can’t trust that offense on the road. Thanks for the advice and input, very much appreciated!!

lol I have the same option in one of my leagues. I’m going with Kirk. This is just a pure gut feeling. I think Kirk is going to have a good game against this offense. I think the floor is wentz. Also, if you would be so kind to help me with my question. Safe floor big play question?

I appreciate it and that’s who I have slotted too at this point. It’s hard for me because I’m a diehard eagles fan, and I love Wentz to death(minus the bonehead occasional turnovers lol) so it was hard for me to separate personal feelings and actual sensibility and doing what’s best for FF. Thanks for the response, also responded to your topic as well and hope that helps! Also one last thing, I made this trade last week and just want your thoughts on it… I think I did ok. I gave up DeMarco Murray, Derrick Henry, and DeVante Parker and in return I received Julio Jones and Jimmy Graham. What do you think? My roster currently is as follows (10 team league standard scoring)
QB - Kirk Cousins
RB- Lev Bell
RB - Kareem Hunt
WR - Julio Jones
WR - Davante Adams
TE - Jordan Reed
FLEX - Mike Gillislee
D/ST - Ravens
K - Matt Bryant

Bench- Doug Baldwin, Russell Wilson, Vikings D/ST, Carson Wentz, Jermaine Kearse, Darren Sproles.

I know it’s long man lol, but let me know what you think. Anything you need help with I got you and I’ll do my best to give the best input possible!

I like the trade for you because you solved your WR problem. The only thing with it is you will have work the wire to devolpe your bench (for RB’s) but you have a strong starting line up. Reed does scare me because of his injuries but over all it was a good trade simply because you traded for two you would keep on the bench over what you have to add a stud starter.

That’s what i was thinking too and yeah I basically destroyed my depth in order to make this trade for an incredible starting line-up.I’m pretty active on the wire week in and week out. I just didn’t want to deal with the headache of TEN’s backfield and Julio is a must start every week. I was actually requested that trade and in order to do it I had to do a separate trade to make it happen. That trade was a straight up me giving Emmanuel Sanders for Mike Gillislee, since I needed another RB more than a tier 2 WR. Been a wild 2 weeks thus far lol, lost on a heart breaker last week with Davante Adams getting tackled at the 1 yard line, and ended up losing by 2. 1-1 to start the season though isn’t too bad. I also really appreciate your input, hope I helped on your end!

Not a problem. I feel you on the crazy two weeks. Week one I played against hunt and I had palmer. Week two I played against gronk, JJ Nelson and Brees. Lost 150 to 130. I feel you on the heart breaker lol. Someone dropped Prescott :joy: So I feel I’m set now.

Haha you couldn’t have said it any better. Guy who I lost to last week was also my boss too and naturally we had a side bet so that was just throwing salt on the wound lol. You’re definitely in a good spot with your roster, I feel confident in mine too it’s just I wish I had a little more clarity on my QB situation. But at the same time that’s why they play the game and part of the element that makes FF fun. Good Luck this week I’m sure the football gods will look your way this week!

I have a few situations in both of my leagues that I would like some genuine help with please: Half PPR and PPR

League 1 :
I have to choose between Rashard Higgins CLE, Michael Thomas NO, and Odell Beckham Jr. NYG for WR. and my RB choices left are between Joe Mixon and Jacquizz Rodgers

League 2:
RB decision between Chris Thompson (vs. OAK), Tarik Cohen (vs. PITT), and Dalvin Cook (Vs. TB)

My flex is down to Jarvis Landry (vs. NYJ) and J.J. Nelson (vs. Dallas D)

Thank you for your time and consideration!

Of course and I’ll do my best to answer, and remember this is all just my opinion and personal feeling toward your situation…

League 1:
Personally I would rank like this 1-OBJ, 2-Michael Thomas, 3-Rishard Higgins. My reasoning for that, and this is coming from a huge Eagles fan who watches every game religiously (including preseason), is that OBJ always destroys us whether it be in yardage or multiple TD’s. Philly’s secondary is completely depleted with our top CB out as well as our safety listed as doubtful. Go Eagles, but OBJ will get points this week. #2 is Thomas because I think Brees looks his way a bunch this week against a Carolina D that hasn’t been truly tested. #3 is Higgins because I need to see more before I take someone who was on the practice squad less than 2 weeks ago and rank them higher than two legitimate No. 1 WR’s. At RB I would probably lean towards Jaquizz even against MIN D just because he will have the volume and Mixon is splitting carries with Gio and Hill.

League 2:
Personally I would go with Cook over Cohen because without Bradford, they’re gonna have to give the ball to Cook a lot to even have a shot in this one. And in terms of your Flex I’m taking Landry over Nelson based on matchup(against NYJ) and his rapport with Cutler (last week 13 receptions). Hope this helps and good luck!

Thank you so much for the solid opinions and advice 7milestyle!

No problem! Best of luck this week!