WR Start/Flex? Jeffery or Stills

Which would you start
Jeffery vs Den
Stills vs Oak

Then, with the loser of that battle, would you start them in the flex spot over CJ Anderson vs Philly?

Bad choices. Jeffery has been underwhelming against average D and is facing an elite D this week. Stills may be the number 3 wr this week and I think Jay Cutler only throws to Devante Parker. CJ is losing touches, I would have to Flex him in standard between these 3. For WR I would go with Stills and hope he gets some passes, the matchup is great and Jay Ajayi is not there anymore so they could throw more.

Thanks! Yea, I am not happy with my choices. Week 9 byes got me. 3 starters on bye.