WR Start help.!

So last week I sat Deebo and went with Metcalf. Was sad seeing 30+ pts on my bench.

This week however I need advise of 2 starts.

Pick two: Metcalf, Deebo, Moore (Moore has the worst matchup but is clearly Darnolds go to target)

Howdy, yeah them Niners are sure hard to call. The Rams were supposed to be shutdown and the Cardinals showed up on both sides of the ball. Honestly your safest bet might be Darnold + Moore against the Eagles but I was wrong last week so there is that. Then Deebo this week since I said Metcalf last week but a coin flip would give me just as much confidence.

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Ramsay will likely be covering Metcalf all game like he did Hopkins last week. Hopkins had a down week. Historically Wilson has down games vs the rams (though I’m still starting Lockett, mostly because I don’t think he’ll be covered by Ramsay)

Based on that I’d go Deebo and Moore