WR start sit this week?!

Just picked up a few WRs. I have DJ Moore starting for sure this week.

Taylor Gabriel, Randall Cobb, Amari Cooper, Tyler Lockett and Courtland Sutton are all options this week so what two do I start out of those five? Please help!!! Half PPR.

Sutton & Gabriel would be the ones I would lean most toward in that list.

I want to start Gabriel but I’m concerned with his knee injury and having him completely irrelevant like last week. But Cobb plays NE this week and their defense is complete shit and I think he’s going to have at least one good breakout week soon. Also want to take a chance on Cooper but idk how he will play with the new team.

I’d go bang my head against the wall until I saw stars and then choose.

Not very helpful but thanks? Lol

Lockette is TD or bust. Cobb hasn’t done anything. Cooper just got traded to a run first team. Although, I think Cooper will be better on the Cowboys, I start Gabriel and Sutton over the rest.