Wr Start Sutton, Tate, Pettis

Who would you start at wr in half ppr this week.

  1. Courtland Sutton: Talented player coming off big game, and has a great match up at San Fran on paper, but he could see a lot of Richard Sherman.
  2. Golden Tate: Actually leading all Eagles receivers in targets since his arrival, and coming off a good game. He isn’t used downfield much though, and the Dallas defense he faces this week is red hot right now.
  3. Dante Pettis: Coming off back to back big games (4 for 77 and td followed by 5 for 129 and 2 td). Only player here who seems to be the top guy on his team. However he has the worst quarterback play, and the shortest track record of production. He plays Denver without Chris Harris so that’s not bad, but Denver is still a good defense overall.

Thanks for the help.

Looks like Sanders is out for the season with an achilles injury, Sutton’s value just went up significantly. I’d go Sutton here based on his now WR1 status in Denver.

Tate is good, but has shown volatility and the Eagles WR core is deep. Pettis will lose some value with Goodwin coming back and Kittle seeing a lot of targets.

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I am a sutton owner so i feel a bit of bias towards him. But as a Huge Target and talented player he could shine.

Cowboys D has been scary of late, so i think if you want a wr2 with a healthy floor (8pts with 14pt upside if he gets a td) go with tate.

Pettis is TD dependant. Broncos D has been sharp, and i think itll be the Kittle show on red-zone passes assuming SF gets that far down field.

So tl;dr Sutton will get volume and has the most upside. Tate has probably the safest floor. I do not think pettis will match either of them.

so sanders is down for remainder of season? not gonna lie, dont know jack about an achilles injury but it has to be bad.

i have sanders and dont want to drop him for someone if its gonna stab me in the back later.

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At his age he is probably done. Like done done.

Boogie suffered one last year in the NBA and its a year at minimum (for a 27yr old at the time)
granted at 6’11 270lbs (or whatever he lists himself at) it may be a bit more intensive.

But sanders wont be back next year.

word, at least gives me confidence to drop but damn, i traded for that mf in week 8 and did not get that much from him. hate it cause he was killing it overall.

Thats always brutal. A guy in my league was having the worst luck with TE all year. drafted delanie, then went for doyle. Then traded for rudolph and rolled with him. he dropped rudolph on the vikes bye for OJ. Then traded Sutton for Olsen after OJ went down.

yeah, ill keep my complaints to myself, didnt have it THAT bad lol. man i feel for him, thats some tough sledding right there.

lol all good man, its sharing in pain is half the fun of forums.

I was the benefactor of the sutton/olsen trade so i am kinda stoked.

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Between Sutton and Pettis for me. Given he’s the only receiving talent they have, they’ll move him away from Sherman. He actually rights primarily out of the right side of the field whereas sherman plays on the left so I wouldn’t really worry about that.

Pettis actually won’t be matching vs harris. Harris is out this game with injury. Even if he was in, Pettis would only see him half the time. He is primarily matching up against some no name scrub on the right side who he should be able to beat.

Mullens has actually be pretty decent TBH from a fantasy perspective. Wouldn’t say hes the worst QB by much. I mean in 4 games, he has just as many top 8 QB finishes as Keenum who has played 12 games and they both have similar floors.

If it were me, I’d go Pettis for upside, sutton for floor.

Couldn’t get any replies for 5 hours and then with an hour news breaks of Sanders going on IR and Goodwin returning to practice and I get 10 replies next time I log on. haha I do really appreciate the responses though. I will probably go with Sutton. Thanks.

Agreed. That’s why I said Pettis plays Denver WITHOUT Harris, stating it was a pretty decent matchup as long as Mullens can stay upright long enough against this Denver defense. I just don’t know if 2 games (both with Goodwin absent which is no longer true), is enough to let me trust Pettis. I agree I like his upside though.