WR Start This Weekend

Who would you guys start? I need two. Standard 10 team league.

Dez (Concerns over his injury)
Cooper (Great matchup, but he has burned me so many times!)
Fitz (Seems to struggle on away games)
Shepard (I think he’s a lock for one spot)
Marqise Lee (Just picked up off waivers)
Funchess (BYE)

I’m leaning Shepard and Cooper (reluctantly). Thoughts?

depends on your strategy this week. If you want a conservative reliable approach go fitz. If you feel you need a breakout game from someone to win this week go cooper.

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Yeah, that’s the way I was thinking. I keep thinking Cooper is going to go off. I sat him on his BIG week and so he is still kinda pissing me off. That being said, Fitz has burned me a few times also.

for me coopers matchup is too juicy to resist

I would go Dez and Shepard. Shepard is getting 30% of targets. Dez has a good matchup and the Cowboys really need a W. I expect them to play a lot better this week.