WR starters help: Options are so close in rankings

I cant decide on who i have in now or cooper/hogan

WR: T. Hilton (dont move)
WR: J. Landry
WR: G. Tate

Other options: A. cooper, C. Hogan, kupp, j brown

FLEX: Jordan Howard (Leave in?)


Definitely leave in Jordan Howard. I think the 3 WRs you have in work too, maybe sub in Cooper for Tate if you need a home run play.

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yeah i didnt plan on moving howard but i wanted to get opinions on the guys for WR2 and WR3 spots. They are all so close in rankings that i wanted to get feedback from people.

okay that was my thought process too, i think i need safe floors this week so i may sit cooper. Just hate having him on the bench lmao because thats when he blows up.

Yeah I hear that. At least you’ve got Hilton and Landry as a good starting point.

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