WR Starters Help

I’m in a standard league.
I’m not sure if I should start A. Jeffery because he hasn’t had a good week since week 2 and I have Diggs who might be injured.

I need 2 WR and a Flex
S. Diggs
K. Benjamin
A. Jeffery
D. Jackson
G. Tate

Also options for flex
L. Miller
L. Blount

In a standard league I always lean RB so I’d go with either guy as your flex. Of the two I have more confidence in Miller cuz he has a safer floor. Blount has been good but has had far fewer attempts than other starting RB’s. As for your WR’s, I’d go with Benjamin and Jeffery. The Eagles secondary is bad and without Olson I see Benjamin standing a good chance at a TD. I’d prefer Diggs but if he’s a no go on Sun your other options aren’t very good which is why I lean Jeffery. He’s do for some positive regression.