WR starts?

Need some advice on who to start this week.

WRs: Thielen, Evans, Ridley, McClaurin, Jefferey

My thoughts are Thielen, Evans, and McClaurin

Not sure if anyone has any opinions about putting in Ridley for any of the three

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I’d go Ridley over Evans. He’s been down sans 1 game, and he didn’t do hot against Car few weeks ago. Falcons are hungry for a win and should be able to do so against AZ, so Ridley should eat, especially with attention on Julio

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Same two for me this week.

Ya I might end up doing that. Ridley against AZ is too juicy

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I like Thielen at home against the eagles CB. McClaurin seems to be WR1 in Washington playing against the Dolphins with Keenum chucking the ball. Ridley is next for me but Jones could have big day as AZ CB situation. Jeffery is next for me because DJ is still banged up I don’t like the matchup though. I avoid all London games so I don’t like Evans.


Agreed. You start crossing time zones, and jet lag affecting biological chemistry. These guys are finely tuned machines with routine. Intercontinental Travel stress, unfamiliar facilities unaccustomed to Football instead of soccer. I’ve never seen an entertaining London game

I thought about what you said and I remembered CAR held him in check last year too so I did some digging.
2 games vs CAR 2018
16 targets
5 catches for 64 yards combined
Not the best divisional history

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If Evans is a go you start him, other 2 spots iwould go Thielen and you can’t go wrong with either Scary Terry or Ridley with the matchups you have. The problem with Washington Miami is you have no idea what’s going to happen. Will Haskins get snaps? Could throw off the rhythm. I would probably go Ridley but you in a good spot do the think you can choose wrong.

I’m pretty sure Callahan said Keenum is starting

Would probably lean Terry then

Ya Keenum was named the starter

I just traded Rodgers for Evans this week so he is new to my roster and that’s why I’m not sure if I should play him or not.

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I don’t see why not. You pulled the trigger. What you do in fantasy doesn’t affect his reality. You sent a top tier player away for him. Might as well check your investment. Otherwise what was the point?

Well I’m glad I started Evans and McLaurin

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Yeah that worked out. Congrats bro :blush: