Wr struggles

I’m stuck in a bad match up spot. I have dez, hogan, Keenan, kelvin, and fitz. I only need two but the only one I like this week (dez) may not play.

This is full ppr

I would say Keenan and Fitz.
Bryant will probably be out this week, Hogan is uncertain, and we didnt saw anything from Benjamin in the Bills offense to start him with confidence. So by elimination, Keenan and Fitz.

This is a tough one. Obviously play Dez if he’s good to go on Sunday. But if he isn’t, I like Kelvin and Fitz. While their matchups aren’t the easiest, neither of their matchups scare me. Seattle is 18th against WRs and we’ve seen players that were traded have a good fantasy day in their first game with their new team (Ajayi, AP). Therefore, I am not scared to start Kelvin at home in his first start for the Bills, especially given his red zone targets.