WR/TE start/sit help

I have; Sanu, Funchess, JuJu, Stills, Olsen, Kelce. I have to play two wr’s and one te with a fourth option of either a te or wr, who would be a good group to start week 12?

Funch,and stills if moore plays this week. If not I would go JUJU with the upside. TE right now would be Kelce till we see how Olsen is.

Thanks for the help

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NP! GL! Let me know how it goes!

Have to go funchess, ide be weary to play stills against the pats seeing what they have done to receivers lately, safer play is juju. However, pending setback greg olsen sounds good to go so i personally would go 2 TE. Kelce is their only real receiving threat and olsen will likely eat into funchess production but they play the jets.