WR Trade Advice/Help

I am still looking to land a more reliable WR to pair with Hopkins.

For a team that is hurting on RBs, do you think offering Lindsay and Jones Jr or Edelman would land Mike Evans? (They have K. Johnson, Hyde, Hines, and Allen)

Would leave me with Kamara, Mixon, Breida, and Crowell at RB and Hopkins, Robinson, Jones/Edelman at WR.

OR with Tate out of DET is Jones looking to be in a more reliable position?
Standard scoring.

Jones Jr. is about to have a hell of a 2nd half.

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There is more target share now with Tate out of the picture. Edelman isn’t reliable enough for you? He’s a solid wr2 with him being Brady’s safety net.

How many of each position do you start?

2 WR - so it is Hopkins + a second
Plus a possible 3rd if I flex another WR

Yeah, thinking maybe I don’t really need to go looking

MJJ in standard league, will be a top 12 WR ROS.

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I would sit tight for sure