WR trade advice

Currently in a short bench dynasty league and I have too many talented receivers. (Good problem to have) but feel like I need to move one or two for a pick or an RB.

I have OBJ, Amari Cooper, Allen Robinson, Sammy Watkins, Robert Woods, Julian Edelman, Marvin Jones Jr and Jamison Crowder.

What should I do?

I would look to move Cooper and Watkins. These are just my personal feelings, I have no trust in either of them. Even with Crabtree out of the picture Cooper doesn’t seem like a number 1 to me and Watkins is one foot injury away from missing 3-4 games. Obviously OBJ is a keep. Robinson has big upside in my opinion. Marvin Jones had a really good season and with Ebron leaving I think he gets more targets. I guess Woods, Crowder, Watkins, and Cooper are all interchangeable to me. I dont think you can get anything for Edleman. What is your current RB situation?

Now that Cooks is gone from NE this could be an opportune time to try to move Edelman. As of right now, he’s technically the number 1. Pretty old so it could be tough, but just a thought.

RB situation isn’t pretty. I have 1.01 aka Barkley and outside of that is scrubs.

I always try to trade guys when their stock is high, not low. I don’t think you would be able to get big value for Cooper right now. So honestly I would be trying to bank on Cooks now being “the guy” for the Rams or Robinson for the Bears. I think they both have great value if you are willing to part with them.

I would look to trade Cooper for McKinnon and a 1st rounder. Cooper still is super young and every league has a believer. McKinnon could catch 70 passes this year in Shanahan’s offense and the other 1st rounder should net you another RB.