WR Trade Idea

I am looking to upgrade at the WR position and get some more consistency week to week. On today’s show, the guys mentioned trading a player to an opponent who you play on that player’s bye week. My idea was to trade OBJ and TJ Hockenson for Amari Cooper. I’ll play the team with cooper week 13, which is OBJ’s BYE week. What do yall think?

Who is there current TE? If you can get them to take that trade, I’d take no questions asked, forget the extra strategy behind it.

Mark Andrews

As long as you aren’t hurting at TE, to me this is a no brainer. You’re adding over 5 points on average to your starting lineup at WR by adding Cooper, and giving them a TE that’s worse than their current starter.

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i can’t imagine anyone would accept this trade

The other team’s only TE is Gerald Everett, who is on BYE this week. I’m hoping to use TJ Hockenson as the bait to swap out OBJ for Amari. I know it is a bit of a stretch but gotta shoot the shot.