WR Trade (Need a more reliable one)

Do you guys think it would be a fair trade if i offered David Montgomory and Brandin Cooks for Tyler Lockett?

I have Cook, Kerryon, Montgomary Royce Freeman, and David Singletary
Wr: Hopkins, Evans, Marquis Brown, and Cooks

I’m looking for a more reliable WR

The K. Allen owner doesn’t want to give him up, and I also could wait until week to offer freeman and Cooks for Beckham (if he does bad)

might be able to go Monty for Lockett straight up. Depending on how the Lockett owner views Montgomery for rest of year.

Like three weeks ago he offered me Sony Michel for him but i declined. Should I asked for Michel in return as well? Like Mont. and Cooks for Lokcett and Michel?

and like personally do you think I should aim for lockett? or try to get someone else?

I think it’s more than reasonable to try and flip Montgomery and Cooks for Lockett and Sony.

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I agree with the last guy. Try to do cooks and Monty for Michel and Lockett

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