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WR trouble


16 team ppr league sitting at 1-2 patiently waiting for Luck to come back and need a boost in my WR corp to remain relevant. My team
RB: Gordan, Ajayi, Charles
WR: Pryor, Marvin Jones, Snead, Torrey Smith
Are there any buy low WR I should try to target or just try to work the waiver wire?
Thanks for input


as crazy as this sounds I would try and trade Ajayi. The chances of him staying healthy a full season is low. If you can get a solid RB and WR for him I would do it. However, you could wait another week and see if his price goes up with a big performance against NO… Whos in your waiver wire?


Not a great time to try to sell your phins. I also don’t k ow that there’s a great buy low option out there at WR at this point. May want to wait a week before a major move.


WR on the waiver are Moncrief, Allison, Anderson, Goodwin

Would a trade for say Crowell as a replacement and then a WR2 option be efficient and leave it up to hope that Pryor will become more relevant?