WR up in smoke

So my WR group went up in flames since Kupp got hurt. I was riding Kupp’s back nearly the whole season while not injured. I panicked acted desperate and grabbed Edelman last week. But long story short, my WR’s are just not strong. Below is the team I currently have. Just seeking advice with what I should do for Wr. Are they strong enough? Or should I try one more trade persuasion?

Just grabbed: Davis, Miller, and Reynolds off waivers*

You are fine with Edelman. Having Chubb and Michel I try and package Michel with Davis and see if you get a decent WR back. If not package Kerryon instead with Davis bc you’re going to ride Chubb with Melvin and flex the other RB you keep. Whereas you can use an upgrade to Davis. If not Edelman will be fine and you should be good

What wr do you believe is of that value. I always offer value or under value the WR position and constantly get denied trades.

for that combo to a team who needs RB help WR2 isn’t out of the question at all