WR upgrade

Looking to improve at WR…
My RBs: Hunt, Howard, TyMont, Martin, D.Henry
My WRs: Jordy, DT, Pryor, Snead

My WR2 is a nightmare right now… besides how terrible Pryor has been, it’s now clear that DT isn’t 100% reliable… I’d normally just wait this out but Snead, DT, and Pryor are all on bye this week so I need to either make room on my bench or make a trade… I’m looking to move TyMont since I have Jordy but idk what I should aim for… I got offered Baldwin but I want more… I’m considering offering for Hopkins… is Hopkins enough? What about Keenan Allen? Also i might be able to make something work for Dez as well… Any thoughts on TyMonts value?