WR Waiver help please

So i got through but I’ve lost Allen and OBJ possibly for this week as well, my only other WR is DJ Moore and after last nights showing i can’t trust him and Cam either - i need to pivot!

WRs available are Alshon, Anderson, Mike Williams, Foster and Hamilton. Standard league.

I also need to pick up Baker (matchup based) to play over Cam as i can’t trust him. Other wise i have Gordon, Mixon, Cook, Ware and Cohen to choose from at RB (lost Jones) and then Ertz at TE.

Really need some advice here, i don’t know if i want two Eagles on my team and i’m leaning Hamilton (safe volume + matchup) and Anderson for upside if Enuwa is out. I wont be able to get them all so need to prioritize, also if i don’t get Baker i will looking at staying with Cam if he plays or Allen, Jackson as my QB so that factors in too!

Any advice/suggestions at all?



100% agree with @Leelbabyboy. Foles seems to love to throw to Alshon. Williams and Anderson depend a lot of if Allen/Enunwa will be back. Foster can be good provided Allen throws the ball well. Hamilton has arguably the safest floor but that relies on Keenum being good.

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Thanks @Leelbabyboy & @dakline9570, I agree with both of you, I do have concerns over Alshon and the Eagles but he’s a cut above I’ll admit and I’m hopeful of getting him and either Anderson or Williams so I should have a core of Allen, OBJ, Alshon and Williams or Anderson to choose from once full injury status is known.

I’ve got Anderson second ahead of Williams for now as of today Enuwa has already been ruled out but Allen is pushing to play so I have to go on current information. Hamilton is the safest floor but at this stage of the season I don’t think anyone in my league will pick him up. I also need to get Baker in as the best streamer available to play over Cam.

I hadn’t seen that Enunwa was out, so that definitely does put him head of Williams.

I lost Tyler Boyd and the other guys on my bench are J. Reynolds and Petis. I picked up Anderson because of that upside. I feel like you should since it looks like you’re in good shape with your RBs.

Alshon is a better choice now with Foles but I agree about having 2 Eagles players. Alshon def gets the better of it and Ertz actually takes a hit.

Mike Williams I think is a great choice too but I think Keenan will play and Gordon is coming back. So I think you’ll have low end WR2 numbers.

Foster is interesting and I’m heavily debating going after him a well. You can’t deny those numbers.

Hamilton is also a good choice but I hate CK.

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Would you put Anderson ahead of Alshon to limit Philly exposure in case Foles poops his big boy pants?

Agree with the rest and Foster is my last chance swing for it and hope for 100 and a TD type guy.

Not necessary ahead of Alshon but I would def play Anderson for the chance Foles craps out. Obviously Alshon is the better talent in a slightly better team so if I had the option I would probably start Alshon over Anderson. I’m actually an Eagles fan and I think that was all smoke and mirrors. You can’t deny the beginning of the season where Foles just played like crap. It was also a prime time game and Eagles were hyped.

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So it looks like everyone in my league didn’t put waiver claims in… i go Anderson, Alshon, Baker and Damien Williams. Mike Williams is sitting as a FA right now but i only have Justin Jackson, Cam and Ware/Williams as drop candidates and need a kicker too.

Was going to wait until Friday/Saturday to drop someone for a kicker based on who’s out etc but should i drop any of those for Mike Williams or just stick with my current WR choices OBJ, Allen, Alshon and Anderson for now?

I’d youre going to play baker, drop cam for mike Williams. Then you’ll have Keenan if he plays and mike Williams if he is out

I’m leaning that way, if we assume the OBJ can go would you still go Williams in a bad matchup over Anderson (Enuwa is out) and his volume and Alshon?

If Gordon goes which looks likely i don’t know how many assets i want going against that Ravens DST?

Is Enunwa for sure out week 16? I haven’t seen any news on him

He was showing as out for week 16 on our NFL platform yesterday but now the update isn’t there… can’t see any other reports so it must have been a mistake. Annoying it definitely said out for week 16 vs the Packers!

Will have to wait for a couple of days for that - in the event that he is out though would you still play Williams or lean Anderson?

I think it’s too early to make a firm decision with a lot of those guys. Revisit on Saturday to see about OBJ, Keenan, Enunwa

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Agreed need more injury report time, hoping Cam gets declared out so i can drop him and also so he can get that shoulder fixed and be a sleeper QB pick again next year!

I would be so done with Cam. I would drop him and get Williams.
I forget, who’s your other QB?

It’s now Baker as of this morning, i just want Cam to be declared out first but hopefully today’s injury reports will signal that.