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WR Waiver Pickups

Who would you rather grab off the waivers?

KeeSean Johnson, Chris Conley, or AJ Brown?

Week 1 Results:
KeeSean Johnson (w/o Crabtree) - 10 targets for 7.1 fantasy pts
Chris Conley - 7 targets for 18.7 fantasy pts
AJ Brown - 4 targets for 11.5 fantasy pts

We keep 10 in this league, so youth does play a slight role. Thanks for the consideration!

I’d lean AJ brown. kid is explosive and isnt just getting the targets because of a WR missing. I like Conley but hes older and he did go up against the KC defense which gives a lot of opportunity for FP

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Yeah I think that was the direction I was leaning too. Just unsure of Mariota (as an Oregon fan, that’s tough for me to say lol), but he is very young and talented.

Brown, he’s got the opportunity to take over as a true alpha if things break right. KeeSean doesn’t have the same upside

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Ya that’s what I’m thinking, thanks for the feedback.

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