WR week 15 Help

This may be crazy, I’m in STD 12 team league, and am thinking of starting Hollywood Brown over both Emmanuel Sanders and Deebo Samuel, gut feeling as their are far more options in SF and I just feel this will be a Hollywood week. I also have Lamar… starting D.Adams, on the bench I have Deebo, Emmanuel, D.Parker &
A. Theilan…am I crazy for thinking this? I fear if I start Emmanuel, Deebo will go crazy & vice versa…

We are point based league, I am In 2nd place…what would you do??

I’m not starting Brown over either of those guys. He has had 1 decent game in the last half of the season, and that was only because he scored 2 TD’s, he still only had like 40 yards that game. I’d start Manny, Deebo, or Theilen over Brown.

Which one, looking at previous games vs Atlanta, looks like the #2 WR Did better, can you really trust Theilan? So comes down to Sanders or Deebo… what would you do in a standard league.