WR Woes should I even bother?

Heavy RB draft in a full PPR…Corey Davis, E sanders K Cole Mike Williams Calvin Ridley James Washington are my WR…some1 dropped Devante Parker…do i even bother and who am I dropping?

I like all your receivers over Parker. I wont bother

Now I’m not crazy about Parker as anything other than a late round flier. But there is a world where he is the Dolphins wr1 and could start for your team. I take that all day over Washington, who is very talented but is, at best, the fourth receiving option in that offence.

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@Kaiser has it right about Washington! Get Parker & see how he does within the first 2 weeks. Stills was hot under Moore, not Tannehill.

@Totallytig. I hope you’re right about Stills. I grabbed him as my last WR, 13th round. (10-team…PPR) Figuring he will be one of MIA’s pull-outs!!! And yeah…I know, I know…Stills is figuring to be behind Parker, Wilson and Ammendola……but…I still think Stills is gonna surprise this year. Been wrong many times before…so…LOL…who knows…but…IDK…just gotta feeling about him this year for some reason. We’ll see.