WR/WR start, which RBs are you trying to get

If you start your draft/mocks WR/WR, who are you targeting for RBs in the 3rd and fourth? PPR league.

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I haven’t really tried this, but I’m guessing it’s something like this… assuming 12teams.

Mid-round 1st pick:
1st - Hopkins/Adams
2nd - Juju/Evans/Brown
3rd: Jones/Freeman/Fournette
4th: Jacobs/Mack/Carson

End-round 1st pick:
1st/2nd: Julio/MT/OBJ/Tyreek/Juju
3rd/4th: Montgomery/Jacobs/Carson/Mack

I’m keeping Tyreek for my 2nd rounder, it’s looking like Julio or Odell is my 1st rounder. I have 7th Pick. If Carson is available I’m all in.