WR1/RB2 with Kamara?

I’ve asked a similar question but wanna see what you guys think –

Kamara is my keeper, I have the 5th pick. ALL of these guys are available to start, but will not be by the time I pick. So could you rank these guys?

Hopkins, M. Thomas, Tyreek, Juju, D. Johnson, Conner, Mixon, Kelce (think it is too early for TE).

My guess would be Hopkins, D. Johnson will for sure be gone, but wanted some rankings just in case.

Thanks guys!

For redraft, I would rank those players:
D. Johnson, Hopkins, M. Thomas, Conner, Juju, Mixon, Kelce, Tyreek

So if the right RB were to fall, even w Kamara already on the team rather than grabbing a WR?

Prefer something like Kamara/Conner and Diggs/Woods over Kamara/Freeman or Jacobs or Kerryon and Juju/Woods?

May I ask – why so low on Hill? I think he is gonna have a huge year. (of course, most of these guys are I suppose)

Yes, having Karama on your roster does not preclude you from drafting another running back. It also does not force you to draft a WR. It just means you already have one player of a specific tier.

I find it nearly impossible to make judgments about who to draft before the draft. Of the players mentioned I like them in this order:
Kamara, Conner, Juju, Kerryon, Diggs, Devonta Freeman, Woods, Jacobs

I don’t want to play with players like Hill on my team. Too much risk. The chiefs have shown what they will do if this incident or another comes to light. Hunt was the proof of concept.


Thanks for your input! I appreciate it.

IMHO all it means having Kamara is the other teams hate your team :wink:

Draft anyone with him and you are good. Because it is Keeper, I read that more like Dynasty. That said, I would look for a WR. I would look at Hopkins (best available) / JuJu (young and potential stud) / M Thomas (solid but we have probably seen his ceiling). That means in the “typical” 3 year window when RBs start to fail, you are likely still sitting on a solid keeper.

Hill I am sure will do well but I do not like that guy and will not draft him. Purely my bias. That said, I would still put them in that order, but maybe switch Thomas and Hill.

David Johnson

Nuk, Hill, JJSS, MT

Mixon, Conner