WR2 Advice Needed!

Need to fill in this week for a bye and can either start Michael Crabtree or pick up Tre’Quan Smith, Donte Moncrief, or Cortland Sutton.

Any advice greatly appreciated!


I’d start Tre Smith

Drop Crabtree for T Smith and play that joker.

Thanks for the replies! I’ll be stacking Smith with Michael Thomas but I think the Minnesota game will be a shootout with the Saints compared to the projected low scoring game of the Ravens/Panthers.

I mean, Crabtree has averaged 10 targets/week and 12.33 pts/week (half ppr) over the past 3 weeks… I think he has a very safe floor. As a Tre’Quan owner myself, I’m waiting till I see actual production from him until I feel comfortable putting him in my lineup. I’d rather a guy go off on my bench than put up a dud in my lineup.

Could also be matchup dependent. If you need a ton of points, maybe Tre’Quan has a higher boom potential. Still much more comfortable with Crabtree though, especially going against a not-as-tough (but still tough) defense.

very good point @ben_jamin627 I just feel as though such a low low scoring affair will get Crabtree an even lower floor. Then there’s that unfavorable stat that FFB about redzones when either of these two teams play.

Ya the O/U isn’t favorable @vballer, but Vegas has only correctly predicted a low scoring affair 56% of the time this season (so it isn’t all that reliable). I wouldn’t overthink the redzone issues, Crabtree has historically been a decent option in the redzone. He’s also the first option for Baltimore compared to Tre’Quan being the 3rd option (at best) in N.O