WR2 and Flex help. Pick 2

I had Baldwin go down which obviously is hurting me currently. also Marquis Goodwin is looking doubtful this week as well. Ginn has also been dealing with a knee issue this week in practice.

Need to decide on a WR2 and a Flex for this week. here are the options:

Chris Hogan @ JAX (terrible matchup on the road, supposed #1 option for Brady, Gronk should draw double team and focus coverage, still risky after almost getting goosed last week. Highest upside on my roster. will probably draw Bouye, possibly Ramsey)

Goodwin VS DET (assuming healthy, at home, 1st or 2nd option in the passing game, DET got shredded by the Jets, SF looked competitive at Vikings last week, would probably draw Slay if healthy)

Ginn Jr. VS CLE (great weak last week, seems to be 3rd option behind Kamara and Thomas, still elite speed, coming off a 5 for 68 performance with a score, should draw number 2 corner)

Godwin VS PHI (assuming healthy, at home, massive explosion of offense VS saints last week, if Jackson sits out due to concussion Godwin will be 2nd option in passing game drawing number 2 corner)

Marshawn @ DEN (on the road in Denver, looked good last week, should have volume early, Den got shredded by CHRIS CARSON last week, gamescript could be a problem as richard was involved last week)

Kerryon @ SF (gamble, dont think hes involved enough yet, blount sidelined opens up oppurtunity, clearly the best back on the team, still too many questions i think)

Let me know your thoughts. Thanks footclan.