WR2 and Flex help

Missed having first round bye by 1 point so now I’m indecisive of who to start from WR2/Flex. I’m starting Gordon and Kamara for RB. I know I’m starting Julio Jones. These are my options for WR2 and Flex

Evans v Lions
Thielen @ Panthers
Cooper @ Chiefs (if he plays)

Freeman v Saints

Standard scoring
Thanks Footclan

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I think you go Evans and Thielen (especially Thielen if its any sort of PPR). If straight standard maybe throw in Freeman over Thielen.

You have good enough options to throw out Cooper this week entirely. Carr has never played well against the Chiefs.

Would you write off cooper even with Marcus Peters out for KC?

And it is standard scoring

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Yeah I think I would but I’m pretty sour on Cooper so take that with a grain of salt.

Thielen is the must-start every week. Standard makes me lean toward Freeman over Evans but that feels like a toss-up tbh.

That’s how I currently have my line up, thielen and Freeman. It is hard to sit Evans but he hasn’t had a huge game.

I understand about cooper and the cooper owner in my league dropped him last week so I scooped him up for Corey Davis.

Don’t forgot Cooper’s huge game was against KC this year. But I don’t think you can play him.

Evans with Jameis under center, Thielen is solid most weeks, Cooper is the riskiest,
Freeman in the flex because it’s standard scoring typically rb is your safest option more likely for the td
Good luck

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Yeah that’s a good scoop. you definitely have some solid options this is a good problem to have.

I did not even realize that but your right I don’t think he will have the same performance in KC

Winston is my QB this week so stacking them is a good choice. I guess thielen is sitting this week

200+ yds and 2 TD Cooper dropped on KC earlier in the year With peters On the field makes me hope he plays…

But do you think he can have a game like that in KC even with peters out? I think he has a great match up if he plays because KC pass D is horrible and without their only good CB they are even worst but with the year cooper has had its hard to tell.