WR2 and Flex Start Help for Full PPR

Hey guys. I’m trying to figure out who I should start. The footballers have a few different people ahead and I wanted to get y’alls advice as well. Here’s the team:

QB: Wilson, Rivers
RB: Gordon, Coleman, Ajayi, McKinnon, McCaffery
WR: Tate, D. Thomas, Larry Fitz, Maclin
TE: Ertz

I’m going to start Gordon and most likely Tevin Coleman at RB1 and 2. Tate at WR1. What do y’all think for WR2? Fitz or Thomas? And then flex? Between Ajayi, McKinnon, or whoever you didn’t pick from WRs?

Thanks for any help guys!

Ajayi is a definite because he will be target and carry friendly. Mckinnon will also be target and carry friendly but against a much better defense. It is a coin flip between Thomas and fitz.

Yeah i have Ajayi flexed right now with D. Thomas at WR2. But it’s hard benching Larry Fitz and McKinnon without knowing what Ajayi will do. Think Ajayi or McKinnon will out do Tevin Coleman?

I think @gary_gravlin meant to say play McKinnon vs Rams which isn’t as tough against the run whereas Dal is tougher against the run, so will prob be tougher for Ajayi to score big points than for McKinnon. Of course, as we all know…Fantasy Football is almost always a “crap-shoot” and seems to be even more so this year!!! Best of luck this week everybody!!!

Didn’t mean that to sound as if you should play McKinnon over Ajayi. Meant to say…play both.

Ah gotcha. But who are you sitting then? Coleman and flex and sub in Ajayi and McKinnon? If you’re saying RB1 and 2 I don’t have it in me to bench Gordon hah.

Ok…that’s where I’m stuck. Like @gary_gravlin said…between Fitzy and DT…really tough choice there. Curious to see what others might think about that one.