WR2 and flex

Heres the deal, while playoff teams in my league are de-facto determined the jostling will give way to some scary matchups. Funnily enough my final record can very well determine this, so winning is definetely something i want to do (gurley owner potentially awaits if things go wrong)

With AJ claiming to be back i have my WR1, but the rest looks like this:

For wr2 i have golladay and woods
flex i have ekeler and adams (and other receiver)

I am playing the MG owner this week and am really tempted to play ekeler, both for spite and because i see a good game coming from him. (i have tried to make a trade with him earlier in the season but he came back with ridiculous counters)
For wr2 i am somewhat at a loss as woods certainly has been more productive, but with Golladay being “the guy” now i see he has the better ceiling.
thought, thanks!

I play Ekeler or (I assume Jamaal) Adams in the flex. I’m not confident Green comes back; and, even if he does, I’m not confident he’s at 100%. If I had to choose between Adams and Ekeler, I lean Ekeler because they’re similarly ranked and it’ll be more fun.

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