WR2/Flex help - Ugh Fitz

Here’s my question - for WR2 , Agholor or Fitz?

Also, in my flex, I’m playing Kerryon Johnson, should I swap him out for either mentioned above?

Also on my bench - Josh Gordon, Keelan Cole, Ted Ginn.

Any help would be appreciated!!!

Josh Gordon is tempting. :sweat:

Bumping this! Any help before 1pm games?! Hehe

If you want to take a big risk on upside, I’d say Josh Gordon. Otherwise, I think I’d go with Fitz honestly.

I would just play Agholor/ Kerryon Honestly. It’s going to be a long and grindy game from the looks of it.

Fitz is active but they noted that he’s nowhere near 100% and he will definitely draw #1 coverage.

Gordon I think they’re just going to use as a field stretcher to give Hogan, White, and Gronk a chance to make plays with maybe a few passes going his way.

So you don’t think that Agholor will be significantly hampered by Alshon’s return?