Wr2 full pt ppr wdis

Wdis, Calvin Ridley, Deebo samuel, terry McLaurin, Allen Robinson, or Tyrell Williams??

Any help???

Allen Robinson is your safest bet in that group but Tyrell Williams probably has the highest upside playing against Cincinnati.

I think Debo or mclaurin have the most upside. Debo is pretty much the only receiving option with injuries. Mclaurin is also the only option or threat. Both I think see over 10 targets.
Agree though allen year to date is the most consistent. Likely safest play.
Tyrell could break one but RBs are what hurt the bengals the most. He also gets 5 targets at best besides week one and I don’t think that really changes.
Ridley is hit or miss with out hooper he might see more volume or it could all go to Julio.
Not sure who wdis is to make a case for him.

Wdis- who do i start