WR2 Slot Decision

Footclan…need your opinion/advice.

Half point PPR league. I’m starting Thielen on my WR1 slot.
I’m debating for my WR2 slot.
I have Mike Evans (vs. ATL), Dede Westbrook (vs. HOU) and Golden Tate (vs. CHI). Evans has been inconsistent, Tate can be boom or bust and Westbrook has been pretty decent the past couple of games.

I could follow the guys advice and stick with my stud (Evans) or go upside with Westbrook. Tough decision :grimacing:

I don’t think Evans is a must start this week, but you would have to have really good options. Westbrook is good, but not bench Mike Evans good IMO.

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I understand what you mean. I’m risking deciding on either WR.

depends on your matchup…how close.

if need risk Id go Dede

My matchup isn’t too bad. My WR2 slot is the only spot I’m having a hard time deciding.

Don’t try and get too cute in the playoffs! You sound like you are trying to over think this.
Go Evans imo.

Playoff time don’t overthink it and ALWAYS start your studs!! I’ve won MANY championships by following that advice. Good luck.


I can be an overthinker. Thanks @brian_hunt!