Wr2 start sit

Hey so trying to figure out how to set my lineup this week. Standard leauge.
So obviously Allen. Not to sure who to run wr2 though. Any help would be great thanks.

Edleman all day. I would if i was you at least.

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Its Edelman or Sutton. I think Sutton has a lot of potential if the broncos start losing big against the chergers. He’ll probably get Hayward in coverage wich his really not good though.

I like courtland sutton for sure. I personally just feel like if I had Keenan Allen and Edleman I would play both of them every week.

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I’d go with Edelman, Brady loves to target him and against Washington defence I expect NE offence to be in the red zone a lot.

Thanks guys was leaning edleman too but still really like sutton. But prob the safe play is edleman he is due to get a td this week I feel