WR2 this week

Boyd, Sanders, Coutee, Fitz.


Boyd hands down… That game should have a decent amount of scoring. Sanders will be shadowed by Haden, Coutee I wouldn’t trust just yet, and Fitz will get shadowed by Desmond King or Hayward.

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I would say Boyd as well.
I’m playing Boyd over Landry. I don’t like it but at this point I feel Boyd has the better upside.

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Boyd boyd boyd! Sanders will be shadowed by Joe Haden, ask AJ Green how that goes. Coutee is banged up and now competes with DT, no thanks. Fitz had two receptions for two TDs and is going up against the Chargers who are getting Bosa back, again no thanks. Although, Fitz would be the next best play in my opinion.

@ Arfnoz how do you feel about me playing Boyd over Landry? Landry has the better match up but…you know…Landry.

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ohhhhhhh man my guy… see I think (pray) the Browns do something crazy… If they win out they could make the 5th seed wildcard spot. If they beat the Bengals twice, and the Ravens once, and the Bengals and the Ravens beat the Chargers, AND the Texans beat the Colts, it seriously could happen. I’m so tempted to get wild and play Baker and Callaway this week even. I think Boyd could get the Ward treatment, which could open up Ross with AJ Green out, especially in a game that I anticipate to be a “hammer the over” divisional matchup… I think I play Landry all the way.

@ Arfnoz I’m going with your prayers then! Landry is the girlfriend that keeps lying to me and breaking promises…what’s one more time gonna do? Maybe she’ll show up.

But @ Wentz1013, start Boyd!

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Thank you for that laugh! For real though she rocked your world once or twice (pro bowl best hands competition where he bested OBJ, and his final season with Dolphins) but now she’s always busy with work.

“Work” she keeps saying.

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Thanks guys

In my other league I have

Boyd , J.Gordon or D.J Moore. Thoughts?

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Gordon, Moore, Boyd (in order for ceiling play)
Gordon, Boyd, Moore (order for floor play)